About Us

Askal Chapter

We are an official chapter of Grandmaster Nick Elizars ‘World Nickelstick Eskrima’ Organisation, based in Hornchurch, East London, teaching Balintawak Eskrima based upon his methodology and curriculum.

Method of teaching

Upon beginning your journey, you will learn the 12 basic strikes, followed by the 12 defense positions. At first you will be guided in numerical order, and then the strikes will delivered at random, developing your speed, timing and reflexes along the way. You will learn the reality based applications, as well as the methods used for training safely.

As your skill level develops, the grouping methodology is introduced, covering lifting, clearing, butting, thrusting, fan strikes, punches, kicks, elbows, headbutts, and foot sweeps.

Multiple striking combinations, disarms, joint manipulations, and methods of countering all of the above then follow.

What we teach

Within Nickelstick Balintawak, the use of a simple rattan stick as an offensive and defensive weapon is core to the theories and principles of the system. As well as learning how to strike and defend strikes, you will also learn how to disarm your opponent, as well as how to counter any attempted disarms of your own stick. You will also be taught how to use your stick to lock and control your opponent, through the use of joint manipulation and control of their base.

These same theories and principles are then taught in relation to bladed weapons, such as a knife or machete, and also in relation to unarmed principles, whether your opponent has a weapon or not.